10 Reasons to Take Kids to Germany

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There are lots of reasons to take your kids to Germany. I recently traveled to Germany with my daughter. This was a special trip, connecting with her and connecting her with my homeland and her grandparents. But even if you do not have a personal connection like I do, Germany is a perfect destination for a family vacation. Here are some of my favorite reasons to travel in Germany with kids.

1. The Doll and Bear Museum “Loreley” in St. Goar.

This was a favorite and is fun for kids and adults alike. There are other sweet little museums you will find tucked into villages in Germany.

2. Riding the KD Boats on the Rhine

The boats are family friendly and well equipped, a perfect way to relax and take in the scenery. They even have slides and bouncers!

3. Gingerbread Hearts

Typically sold at Octoberfest and Christmas markets, they can be found at fairs and festivals year-round with a bit of luck. They are tasty fresh or make for a great souvenir.

4. Castles

Nothing captures a kid’s imagination quite like a castle. The majestic Rhine River is lined with vineyards and castles. They are best seen from a KD River Boat.

5. Great playgrounds

I was really surprised and delighted to find playgrounds all over Germany, in small towns and cities. Many were sturdy and lovely, made of wood, maybe even featuring a zipline!

6. The friendly Germans

Share a table, and it won’t take long before a conversation starts. I was touched (and a little proud) at how sweet strangers were to us in our travels.

7. Burg Eltz

One of the best-kept fairytale castles in all of Germany is accessible from the German Rhine Untour. Our founder Hal Taussig used to call it “the Neuschwanstein for Untourists.”

8. Trains

What a relaxing and scenic way to get around. We could visit and enjoy the scenery from our train windows or cuddle up for a nap. We love train travel, and it doesn’t get much better than Germany’s efficient rail system.

9. German food

Yum…pretzel sticks for an appetizer. Modern German food is diverse and offers something for every palate. Tarte flambée enjoys great popularity in the Rhine region.

10. Nature

A hiking trail in Germany is never far. Hiking is somewhat of a German past-time. Trails range from easy to challenging, and you can always find a restaurant along the way to recharge your batteries.

Want to plan a trip? There are two German Untours to choose from, and both work very well for families and multi-generation travel. The German Castle allows you to stay in a medieval castle, and kids stay free with two paying adults. The German Rhine is another winner, with train and boat travel to picturesque villages in the castle-studded Rhine valley. Kids under 12 can go for just $200/week. See details here.



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