28 Days of Travel: Untourists Gerald and Lynda in Europe

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Untourists, Gerald and Lynda Taylor sure love to travel. So much so that they recently shipped out to Europe for four weeks to live like locals. Starting in the gorgeous Nafplio, Greece apartments they travelled around Greece visiting famous sites like Acropoli, Delphi, and Mycenae. After spending two weeks with the gods, they flew north to arrive in the lovely Austrian town of Kuchl. Here their storybook-like Untours house was waiting. But let’s first start from the beginning of this adventure…

Starting in Greece, Lynda and Gerald found the town of Nafplio on the Peloponnese to be a pure delight: “Arrived here in Nafplio on Wednesday and found it to be drop dead beautiful, clean, on the Aegean Sea, with great food and friendly people.”

The Taylors wanted to see it all, including travelling to the Earth’s navel: Delphi! 

Because of Nafplio‘s central location, the Taylors were able to see so much of Greece, especially with the help of their Greek Untours host. 

After two sunny weeks in Greece it was time to head north to the small town of Kuchl in northwestern Austria. Not far from Salzburg and even from Munich, Germany, Kuchl made for another great location to explore. 

The mountains near Kuchl were spectacular. So the Taylors headed out with the car that Untours had reserved for them to embark on yet another adventure. 

It’s no secret that the views in this region are gorgeous. Sweeping and green, the drive around Austria made for a perfect start in Kuchl!

Despite the weather being pleasant (note that it was May when the Taylors travelled), Lynda simply had to get out of the car to touch the mountain snow. 

Is it lunchtime already? Time for some traditional eats and beer! 

Did we mention that it’s beer time?

We just can’t get enough of those mountains! 

Later on in their Austrian adventure the Taylors enjoyed brunch on top of Salzburg. Did you catch the castle in the background?!

That evening the Salzburg University orchestra was playing right in Kuchl, so since the Taylors were living like locals, they followed the neighbors to the local gym to hear the concert. How appropriate to be listening to Mozart so close to Salzburg

In the 1Elizabethkillough0s Gerald had been stationed in the nearby town of Bad Tolz, Germany. In fact that is where he and Lynda were married many moons ago. 

Gerald was surprised to find that the little town he had been stationed in 50 years ago was now a small, bustling city.

At the end of their four week journey Lynda and Gerald sat down for a final Austrian beer before heading back to the United States. The question that lingered on their minds: Where to next?!

Interested in staying at the same flower-lined Greek apartment in Nafplio? How about the Kuchl house the Taylors called home? Check out all the Untour possibilities here




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