3 Ways to Explore Switzerland on the Cheap

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Although the Swiss Franc’s value against the dollar has risen dramatically over the past 3 years (up almost 27% since April 10, 2009), there are still many ways to enjoy the marvels of Switzerland at a, shall we say, more reasonable price. Check out our top 3 suggestions below!

Eat at the Grocery Store

  • In the land of Swiss grocery stores, the top 2 chains are Migros (web page is in German) and Coop. While you are more than welcome to eat while you shop there, “eating at the grocery store” actually means something a bit different, and will probably save you some strange looks. At many Migros and Coop stores around Switzerland, you’ll often find restaurants where you can get a good meal for a reasonable price.

Brown Bag It

  • I mean this literally. If you’re enjoying one of the countless hiking opportunities throughout Switzerland, one of the simplest ways you can save some greenbacks on your trip is to pack a lunch for your trip.

    “But, Nick, who wants to spend time packing a lunch when I could be out there playing in the Alps?!”

    I hear you. I really do. And, here’s what you should do: after your hike, make sure to order the Tagesteller or Tagesmenu from whichever restaurant you happen upon – that is the plate of the day, which is less expensive and comes with smaller portions. You could go one step further and buy coffee and dessert at Migros, Coop or your local bakery, so you’ll have a nice treat when you get home from your trek. Doing it this way gives you the chance to not only save some precious CHFs but also the opportunity to “shop like a local,” like a true Untourist would do.

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How have you saved money in Switzerland?

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