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The 6 Best Day Trips from Cordoba

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February 21, 2020 by Andrea Szyper

Cordoba is a magical place where history and religions mingle in stunning architecture and art. It also flies a little below the tourist radar, so it is an appealing base for an Untour.

Our secret formula for UnTours also includes the requirement that a homebase be just that, a base from which to explore the area. Afterall, we are asking you to settle into a place for at least a week. So we do our homework to be sure that there is plenty to do in the area, day trips that stimulate and inspire you before you return to the same cozy bed each night.

Cordoba is no exception. Here are our favorite day trips from Cordoba. Each is within 2 hours of the city and easily done by rail or bus.

Day trips from Cordoba

An important strategic site since Roman times, this small city wears its history beautifully. Visit its numerous churches and convents, excavated Roman baths, Palace of Nájera (which houses a good museum), and the Alcazaba, the city’s formidable 14th century fortress.
Train from Córdoba station. Approximate time: 36 min

Don’t miss a chance to visit Alhambra, a Moorish fortress complex with a network of impressive palaces, patios, and gardens. The Generalife gardens may be a high point of your time in the region, with its orchards and reflecting pool. The cathedral is also worth a visit.
Train from Córdoba station. Approximate time: 1 hour 30 min on high speed train

Day trips from Cordoba

Seville is beautiful for a city its size, a constellation of atmospheric neighborhoods. Don’t miss the cathedral and its bell tower, La Giralda. You will find picturesque examples of Mudejar architecture and pleasant strolls along Guadalquivir River. Read more here.
Train from Córdoba station. Approximate time: 44 mins to 1hour and 20 min

Day trips from Cordoba

Set along the Costa del Sol, Malaga boasts gorgeous beaches and resorts. A modern port town of high rise buildings, Malaga has reinvented itself as an art destination. This birthplace of Picasso holds excellent galleries and art museums, along with a lovely Renaissance cathedral.
Train from Córdoba station. Approximate time: 1 hour 5 mins

Day trips from Cordoba

A day trip here takes you into the heart of the Anadalusia Untour. Perched on the edge of Subbetica Natural Park, this town offers gorgeous countryside views from its Balcon del Adarve. Explore its numerous picturesque churches, along with its Arab castle, and charming alleys.
Bus from Córdoba. Approximate time: 2 hours

Day trips from Cordoba

Madrid deserves well more than a day trip! Start in Plaza Mayor in the heart of the historic district. The grand Royal Palace is the largest in Western Europe. Art lovers can get their fill of Velázquez, Goya, and El Greco at the Prado and visit Picasso’s Guernica and other modern masterpieces in the Reina Sofia Museum. El Retiro Park offers green tranquility and shade.
Train from Córdoba station. Approximate time: 1 hour 51 min by AVE train

We’ll see you on a Cordoba Untour!