6 Old School "Devices" You'll Need for Europe

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Internet is like oxygen for many of us, it is that essential and taken for granted. But when you travel to Europe, a lot of things leave your control. Internet can be spotty. The tools we take for granted, like GPS and e-pay, can fail us.

While new technology is an indispensable tool for today’s traveler, we encourage you to pack some common sense, hone some legacy skills, and employ some old school wisdom when you travel abroad. Here are six low-tech tools you should be able to access and understand for your travel!


Whether it is on your phone or an actual glass and metal piece you hold in your hand, a compass can help you navigate on hikes and city walks. Play with one before you go and get used to how it works.


GPS is great, but it is infinitely fallible, especially in rural areas of Europe. If you are driving in Europe, pay attention to signs, assign a navigator, keep maps with you, and always have a sense of where you are and endpoint towns that will help you figure out your general directions.


Credit cards are not accepted everywhere, and in the charming small town of old Europe you may not be able to pay with your smart phone. There’s also the possibility of theft or blocked cards. Always have some cash and pocket money to tip or buy small things in the markets.

Tablet / Journal

I mean the paper kind! If WiFi goes down, you may want to capture or access some basic information or memories. Jot down the most essential things in a notebook or journal in case you lose a signal or your electronic device is lost or stolen.

Payphones and calling cards

You just may need to call home. Costs, service and signal can all be a problematic. Remember the option of international calling cards (even if you use them to place calls on your smartphone), and consider using a pay phone.


Ask for directions! Talk to the local people. Whether you are looking for a restaurant or mapping out a long drive, ask a local. They may be smarter than Google Maps or Urban Spoon, and they will surely be more charming.

Enjoy your vacation in Europe or elsewhere. Here are more travel tips on how to prepare.

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