8 Reasons to Visit Budapest Off Season

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We have just extended our Budapest Untour season to go year round. Europe’s cities can be especially appealing in the off season. Plan to visit in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy festive outdoor Christmas markets. Or brighten the new year with a low-cost getaway.

Budapest can feel just exotic enough to be exciting, but Untours staff and service will be there to assist you year round. With our local support, you will be able to navigate the city with ease.

Here are 8 reasons to consider a winter trip to Budapest.

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1. Moderate Weather
Budapest has stable weather year around. Though it gets cold, you won’t find extremes here like you might see in Venice or parts of Croatia.

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2. Steamy Spas
Winter is the best time to enjoy the steamy water of thermal spas. The colder it is outside, the more enjoyable they become. Winter is when the locals go.

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3. Real Local Experience
Be a guest rather than one of the tourists. The city is less crowd and you will have a more real and authentic sense of place. You will get more personal attention in shops, restaurants, museums, and other places around town.

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4. Performing Arts
Opera season is on. Enjoy concerts and less crowded museums too. It is a perfect time to experience the arts and culture of this capital city.

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5. Hungarian Grub
Winter is a great time to eat your way through the city. Hearty Hungarian cuisine and wines are made more delicious by the cool weather outside.

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6. Grand Cafes
Soak up Budapest’s historic cafe culture. The city’s grand cafes are civilized, cozy, and inviting in the short days of winter. Coffee never tasted this good!

Budapest apartment stays

7. Architecture
Enjoy the chance to admire the city’s beautiful architecture at an optimal time. You can walk the streets of Budapest with your head up, without bumping into people.

Budapest apartment stays

8. Airline Deals
You can find cheaper flights in the off season. Let Untours and our air partner Auto Europe find the best fares for you. It’s a great time to snag a deal.

There’s still time to plan a spontaneous getaway to Budapest for this winter. We’ll see you soon on a Budapest Untour!

You can check out our other off-season Untours as well. Happy planning.

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