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When Untours founder Hal Taussig created the Untour back in 1975, he revolutionized the way we travel, and how we think about travel. The Untour opened the minds of travelers to the idea of being more independent on vacation and living like a local, not like a tourist. Hal started his first Untour in Switzerland and never looked back. He housed his clients in local apartments, not hotels, and provided them with local Swiss contacts to provide a thorough orientation to the locale and to be there as a resource for the newly minted independent travelers!

Since that first Untour back in 1975, Untours has continued the tradition of providing local experiences for international travelers. We pride ourselves on understanding what you want from your next vacation and build a vacation package for you that gives you the support, freedom and experience you desire.

We started this blog, The Untourist, to share some of our knowledge that has come from our own experiences, those of our local staff around the world and from the thousands of clients who have taken Untours and shared their experiences with us. We hope our little blog here will give you some unique insights into places you’ve been to as well as the ones you’ve never heard of.

In order to make this as useful as possible to you and our other readers, we ask for your input. Read our posts, comment on them, send them to friends. In an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to do this, we don’t require you to register for an account if you want to read, watch or comment on our posts.

While this is not the venue for Untours customer service inquiries (please go to our Contact Us page for booking/service questions), we welcome open discussion about our post’s topics, experiences you have had with Untours or anything else that is relevant and of general interest to our readers.

The Untourist blog is moderated in an attempt to allow open discussion on all topics and to help keep posts interesting and engaging. Although the moderators will do their best in this effort, we will firmly prevent profanity, slurs of any kind (racial/ethnic/gender/etc.) or personal attacks.

For more information about Untours, visit us our website at untours.com or call us at 1.888.868.6871. We’re happy to hear from you.

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