Around the world in 600 days

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When I came across this video, I just thought to myself, “Now, this guy is redefining what ‘Untours-y’ means.” I think anyone who has taken an Untour, much less thought about it, would enjoy this video.

On a 3-year motorcycle world tour he dubbed The Modern Motorcycle Diaries, the man now known on Twitter as #EpicSelfieGuy (also known to me as #GuyIWantToBeWhenIGrowUp), Alex Chacon, took hundreds of 360-degree video selfies of himself and created the stunning 3-minute video below. Over the course of 600 days and 5 motorcycles, he travelled through 36 countries and over 125,000 miles.

Check out his video below, and see him in deserts, hiking through jungles, on mountaintops, with lions…and much more. Enjoy!

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