Best of Tuscany: Making Wine and Friends on Anna's Farm

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Above: Anna Ginotti in the vineyards with her guests. This photo and all others below by Untourist Michael Moss.
Tuscany is one of our most loved and most popular Untours for many reasons. While the scenery, the food and wine, the art and architecture, and the natural beauty all account for its special spot in our hearts, it is the people of Tuscany that make the most lasting impression. And one of my favorite people in Tuscany is Anna Ginotti, the owner of one of our host farms, where guests stay in her cozy renovated farmhouse apartments.
Anna’a vacation apartments include the Ada Teresa, Famiglia, Pergola and Coppia. Her return clients are too numerous to count. The hospitality she and her husband Ludovico extend to guests is warm and welcoming. A retired school teacher and proud grandma, Anna speaks English and enjoys engaging with her guests, showing them around the farm, and sharing the details of her wine making. Her Brunello wine has won awards!
“Our first Brunello was the 19Elizabethkillough,” she says. “We decided to make Brunello because it is the typical wine in Montalcino and a very famous and good wine, known all over the world. At wine tastings, I try to tell gusts all we do during the long time needed to make Brunello–5 years!”
Anna is a people person as much as a wine person and enjoys her guests’ enthusiasm about winemaking. “My guests very often ask about wine,” she says. “They like to go along with us into the vineyards to walk and to see them during the different periods of the year.”
“Very often during harvest, many guests come with us into the vineyard to cut grapes, and they are very happy!”
Check out the scenes of the farm below, captured by Michael Moss on his Untours stay at the farm in Tuscany last year and you will understand Anna’s guests’ happiness.


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