Elaine and Cecilia Hruska (Untourists of the Week), the poster kids of "Sister Travel"

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Sometimes our Untourists of the Week answer our questions with one single answer, like the wonderful travelling twin sisters, Elaine and Cecilia Hruska:

Tell us a little bit about your Untours experiences.

As one gets older, it seems like the birthdays that are most important are the ones that occur each decade. So when we twin sisters were approaching our 70th birthday, we discussed how we would celebrate it to make it extra special.

Our mother was born in Vienna and lived there before moving to the United States when she was 12. Growing up, we always knew we would one day see the place of our mother’s birth—which we eventually did.

Heinrichgasse—where they stayed

Since the year 2000, we have visited Vienna about every 4 years. Since our last trip was in 2009, 2013 seemed a perfect time to go—and celebrate our birthday on September 16th.

We actually celebrated it two days earlier when our Untours group of John and Jenny and  Ron and Linda met with Claudia Prieler, our Vienna Untours staffperson, at the Café Museum for brunch. Claudia surpised us with a Gugelhupf and a candle. The whole restaurant sang “Happy Birthday” to us.

So if anyone has a special occasion coming up, they may think about scheduling an Untours trip at that time to celebrate it. Claudia made this very meaningful for us. 

For many years, we have chosen to go with Untours. We like the feel of being on our own and staying in one place at a family home to really get to know the city. 

So, if we had 3 words to describe an Untours trip, it would be: 



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