Eugene & Mary Sturm, Untourists of the Week

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Eugene and Mary have been with us on  Untours to  Alsace (2006)  Prague & Vienna Untours (2005), Venice and Rome (2007), Florence (2008),  Provence (2009)   and this last year to the Rhine.

Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour.

We spent 2 weeks in Oberwesel, Germany, a lovely village along the Rhine; very untouristy.  We have enjoyed Untours in cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, and Prague, but we really like the small towns and villages that we experienced in Tuscany, Alsace, Provence, and now Germany.

Why did you go there?

We had been near that area in 1989 for a short time and  wanted to go back. We enjoyed the convenience of the trains and boats on the Rhine which made traveling easy and comfortable giving you opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

What is your favorite Untours memory?

Our favorite memories seem to be festivals we are lucky enough to come upon. These are truly local, not put on for tourists.We’ve enjoyed the walk through the vineyards with food and wine in Alsace, the “patrimoine” celebrating the local heritage with traditional costumes from earlier ages in Provence, the wine festival in Boppard  on our recent Rhine Untour.  With wine, food, music, traditional dress, what’s not to love? Though it’s hard to choose, the Sagra (harvest festival) in Buonconvento is close to our hearts. Seeing the pageantry of the flag throwers and archers in that walled city was something we’ll never forget.The best part was having dinner in one of the neighborhoods of Buonoconvento— a communal meal served outdoors that each neighborhood puts on. We watched the ladies preparing the pici (hand rolled spaghetti)  so we had our meal in their neighborhood.

How is taking an Untour different from other ways of traveling?

We love being on our own time schedule ; no bags outside the door by 6:30, on and off the bus  etc.  We enjoy breakfast in the apartment, then leave for a day of sightseeing and exploring including a great lunch and shopping at the local outdoor markets. We come home to fix a supper of whatever we have bought that day. Then  maybe an evening stroll for a dessert or drink. We love the opportunity to live like a local.

If you could describe an Untour in just 3 words, what would they be?

Slice of life or Independent with support

Editor’s Note: On their Untours, Eugene and Mary  stayed in the  Weiler aapartment in the Rhine, Alcarez in Provence, Ciompi Upper in Florence, S Rocco and Sforza in Venice and Rome, Mirabelle in Alsace, Sazavska in Prague and  Heinrichgasse in Vienna.











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