Facebook Reboot: An Untours Update

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Facebook is making some big changes, and it will affect how you interact with us and your other favorite pages online.

It doesn’t come from nowhere.

From the proliferation of fake news and the bots that helped spread it to the political ads placed by bad actors to the psychological profile data that was shared with political advisors during the last presidential campaign, it is obvious there are problems.

But we haven’t given up on Facebook, and we hope you won’t either!

In addition to addressing data security concerns, Facebook’s creators are making changes they hope will make their medium more secure, trustworthy, and human. They have said publicly that they want their platform to bring people together and build community.

Untours Facebook page

Part of that is a formula that further limits the posts users will see from the pages they like and follow. This has been a trend for a long time: You follow Untours in Facebook to see our regular posts on travel, but Facebook only shows you some of those posts. (They want us to pay for advertising to get our posts to everyone.) New changes will accelerate this.

Facebook is placing a new emphasis on meaningful content that generates real conversation and engagement among its users. Not just likes and shares but actual interactions. And this could be a really good thing.

Facebook has studied the effects of social media exposure and identified problems that we all know exist, especially when we use the medium in a passive way. From the slow simmer of envy as we view acquaintances’ vacation photos to the relentless, soul-numbing stream of news and politics.

Factor in the fear of personal data breaches, and it’s enough to make us leave the platform. That is what’s likely at the heart of Facebook’s new formula and approach.

So how does Untours fit in?

We too are looking at our social media presence and flexing in this new environment. And we want to make sure your encounters with us online are positive, enriching, and thought provoking! We also wish to foster community and share travel information worth discussion.

See all Untours Facebook posts

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. To see all posts from Untours in your Facebook news feed, you can go to our page, be sure you have liked us, then click on Following (next to the Liked button) and select See First. See the photo above.
  2. You can drop by the Untours Facebook page any time you like to see what’s new. Just search “Untours” in your Facebook account or click to Untours from the F icon on our home page. Our page is public, so you do not even need to be a Facebook user to enjoy our content!
  3. Please tell us what kind of posts you like! By liking, sharing, and commenting on our posts (or not), we are better able to see what resonates and share more of the sorts of posts you like!
  4. As per revised suggestions, we at Untours will post less frequently, about 4-5 times per week rather than daily.
  5. We will post more in Instagram and encourage you to follow us there! Here’s our guide for new users. If you’re not there already, we encourage you to try it!

Facebook is still a great medium, and with new improvements, it promises to remain an important part of our lives.

I welcome your comments below. See you online!

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