Faces of Peru: An Untours (ad)Venture

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Machu Picchu Explorer

In October of last year I had the great privilege to join some travel agent colleagues on a trip to Peru, organized by G Adventures. My 9-day Machu Picchu Explorer trip covered Lima, Cusco & the Sacred Valley, and of course Machu Picchu. The trip was educational, adventurous (we experienced a two-day transportation strike, which almost put Machu Picchu out of reach) and fabulous all around. The food was outstanding, but that will be another post. 

Faces of Peru

I strongly believe that travel can change you. While some of the sights were awe-inspiring and the first reason why I wanted to go on this trip, it was the encounters with people that enriched me and will stay with me for a life-time, encounters with my fellow travelers and ordinary Peruvians.
It’s not easy to take pictures of people. Luckily, G Adventures who promote sustainable travel get you directly in touch with the local community by visiting some of the projects that their Planeterra Foundation supports. I hope you enjoy the pictures, some of which were taken there, others in the street.
Where will your next adventure lead?
Alpaca Caretaker at a Restaurant in Urubamba
Cathrin with little girl at the Women’s Weaving Co-Op
G Adventures Guide Elias in Machu Picchu
Jose, co-owner of Lima Te Llena food tour
Local women in traditional outfits in Cusco
Our greeter at the Women’s Weaving Co-Op
With the Peruvian sun, little eyes need protection!
Young women in traditional outfits in Cusco
Two-day transportation strike lead to the protests in Cusco’s main square
Technology is unstoppable!
Weavers of the Caccaccollo Community Co-Op in the Sacred Valley
Students in Cusco
My favortite time in Peru: snack time!
Who needs a pet dog when you have a llama?!
The Peruvian street style is full of colors and textures.
Little boy at the Fiesta del Senor de los Milagros in Lima.
Bye for now! See you next time Peru!

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