Foundation Fridays: 20th Anniversary Gifts!

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Here is a question we posed to you along with some of your answers.

If the Untours Foundation was your best friend, what would you give it for its 20th anniversary (this April 22nd)?

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The world’s most comfortable shoes, lightest and best binoculars, apps for all the info that Untourists find printed up when they arrive, and complete openness to all the serendipities of world travel.
~ Margaret Lobenstine, Untourist, Foundation donor, author

Live long and prosper Untours….
~ Steve Honeyman, In the Public Interest

A ticket to her favorite opera.
~ Marcia Finisdore, Foundation board member

A box of crayons. We are of all colors, bet we all live in the same box together.
~ Glenn Marshall, Untourist, Foundation donor

100 more healthy years for Hal Taussig to enjoy the fruit of his labor and to watch the seeds that he sowed blossom!
I know you asked for one gift, but I offer two. The next would be for God’s continued blessings on Hal, Norma, Untours and all of you who are working to further Hal’s vision and to make the world a better place.
~ Ed Tucker, Plasticoncentrates

I’d give a big hug for putting my money where my mouth is, i.e., taking the action that I love to talk about!
~ Lois Tandy, Untourist, Foundation donor

My 20th anniversary wish is that “my best friends,” Hal & Norma, would be awarded the MacArthur Foundation “genius” award.
~ Mary LeFever, Foundation board member

A huge hug.
~ Elizabeth Van Dyke, Untourist, Foundation donor

A covered wagon — to honor it’s pioneering work to serve the poor and the Colorado rancher roots of its founders Hal and Norma Taussig.
~ Jay Coen Gilbert, B Corporations

Thank you for all of your heartfelt wishes!

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