Foundation Fridays: "B" is for Benefit

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Here’s Hal in 2010 with Bart Houlahan and Jay Gilbert of B Lab, which certifies B Corporations. This photo captures Hal  just after winning the first annual  B Lab “Hal Taussig Award”.

One of our aims at the Untours Foundation is to invest in businesses with great values, that give back, and that don’t “take” to begin with. Using the Hal Taussig perspective, we live in the positive looking for wins for all involved including business owners themselves, vulnerable populations that need jobs, the earth, shareholders, customers, neighbors of businesses, etc.

B Corporations
have come to the rescue by raising the bar on what to expect from businesses. They are a new corporate class of profitable businesses that have a positive impact on society. These corporations are certified by the nonprofit B Lab. Seven states have already passed “benefit corporation” legislation giving companies legal cover, as such, to make decisions based on expanded criteria beyond shareholder interests.  

Last week, PBS NewsHour featured the following eight-minute segment about B Corporations and included one of our loan recipients, IceStone.


Don’t forget that Untours is most proud to be the first B Corporation!


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