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In recent years, Hal has been mentioned in a variety of books. The newest inclusion is in GOOD MORNING, BEAUTIFUL BUSINESS: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer by Hal’s friend, Judy Wicks.

Read what happened in the late ‘90’s when Hal and Judy traveled with fellow business people to Chiapas, Mexico to purchase Fair Trade coffee and came face to face with the military! (That didn’t dissuade them from repeating the trip the following year only to have a run-in with para-military forces. Hal thought their numbers were up!)

Judy Wicks is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and mentor working to build a more compassionate, green, and locally based economy. In Philadelphia, she is known for The White Dog Café, which she created and owned for many decades.

Instead of responding to the numerous requests to franchise her unique and popular restaurant, Judy went on a journey to make everything in and about her restaurant local, fair, and sustainable. That’s what took her to Chiapas and also to farms around Philadelphia. She even used restaurant profits to teach other restaurants – competitors! – to buy local.

Good Morning, Beautiful Business by award-winning author and revolutionary businesswoman Judy WicksJudy co-founded the national Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), which is made up of over 30,000 progressive businesses. She’s won tons of awards including just becoming a Gold-Medal Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Book Award in Business Leadership! Past winners include Deepak Chopra and Barbara Kingsolver.

You’ve probably seen Judy on CNN or read about her in the Wall Street Journal. Like Hal, she’s the real deal! Read more.

And, of course, since Judy is an original, there needs to be a film about her – and it’s coming! “Dog Feed Dog: Judy Wicks and the Revolutionary White Dog” is in the works! Take a peek at footage – and hear Judy’s laugh!

You’ll see instantly why the White Dog Café was known for its parties. She and Hal have mastered “fun” and you can see why they are friends.

Buy Judy’s book here. It’s easy to find the sections on Hal: he’s indexed!

“Have fun making the world a better place!” Hal Taussig


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