Foundation Fridays: Day-cation

ElizabethkilloughSubmitted by

Here's my inspiration!So, what does one of Hal’s employees do on her day off in New York City?

What else? Bike riding! And what better place than Central Park. (Yes, I should have worn a helmet, and didn’t learn till after my ride that a helmet came with my rental.)

Here's Elizabeth, her sister-in-law and friend Nan, & the pedicab driver, who's name they wish they knew, in the Big Apple.And what else did I do? Took a pedicab around town. What a fun ride that is! (Cheers to the Frommers New York guide for asking us to NOT patronize horse drawn carriages and instead to employ pedicabs.)

How great to see the NYC Bike Share program take hold in the city. I must say that drivers of motorized vehicles did not appear thrilled with the influx of bicyclers, but if some of them eventually join the two-wheeler team, everyone should win.


“I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” Albert Einstein in reference to the Theory of Relativity

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