Foundation Fridays: Empowering women with Cora

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Elizabeth and I had a wonderful visit this week from Molly Hayward, founder of Cora. Molly is a passionate young entrepreneur from the Philadelphia area who really believes in changing how capitalism works. As Elizabeth remarked to Molly, “Hal will love you!”

Cora offers an empowering perspective on women’s menstrual health, both for women here in the United States, but also in India and ultimately around the globe. As you might be feeling right now, there is considerable discomfort speaking about this normal monthly occurrence for every woman of childbearing age. In some areas, the cultural and economic barriers to managing monthly periods are so overwhelming that young women often stay home from school. 

Cora’s business model serves both sides of this coin, where women here subscribe for delivery of healthy organic products for themselves, and in the same stroke (or swipe of the credit card), give a young woman in Kolkata, India, a supply of pads so she can keep going to school. This is Cora’s Woman to Woman, Month for Month model. As a mother of a girl, I imagine a Cora subscription could be a great gift to a young woman in high school or college who is busy and perhaps not yet feeling empowered by her relatively new womanhood. Cora’s extra step, helping to empower other young women across the globe, make the gift that much more meaningful. 

I’m really intrigued by Cora’s marketing because I think it’s much more than a shallow campaign that pushes buttons — it’s an ambitious social change movement tied to a necessary consumer item. There is real substance and means for change in this model, and when you’re in the room with Molly, you feel how much she cares about this issue. She has put a lot of time, research and hard work into this plan, as well as heart.

Watch this video to see Cora’s work and hear from Molly herself.

Another reason that Elizabeth and I are excited about Cora is that they don’t need a foundation loan, yet! This week, Cora is launching a crowd funding campaign through Plum Alley, a fundraising platform for women entrepreneurs. We hope that Molly’s efforts will be rewarded with many subscribers. If you think this might be up your alley, head on over to Plum Alley and choose how you want to support Cora. 

Speaking of pushing buttons, the Untours Foundation now has it’s own Facebook page! (Cue fireworks. Sparklers?) So, while you are checking out Cora, mosey on over to our second virtual home to see pictures and updates from us and our loan recipients. And don’t forget to “Like” us and let your (interested) friends know! You never know what fun you might find on Facebook through the foundation!

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