Foundation Fridays: Look Who's 90!

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When I met Norma Taussig 17 years ago, we bonded over Women Who Run With the Wolves, a powerful book about the female psyche written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. That connection led to the title of a poem I wrote for Norma’s 75th birthday. And here we are, about to celebrate Norma’s 90th birthday on June 2nd!

I visited Norma this afternoon to steal this new photo of her. She expressed amazement about reaching 90, especially having survived the Dust Bowl as a child in her hometown of Canyon, Texas. She knew many at the time who had, and sometimes died from, dust pneumonia. On her family’s small farm, the dust inched up on the fences to the point where their cattle simply stepped over them. Her dad was constantly unburying and resetting the fencing.

Yes, we are forever grateful that Norma made it through the Dust Bowl!

Norma doesn’t know why anyone would be interested in knowing about her 90th birthday, so please prove her wrong by sending her a birthday greeting!

Birthday poems are a Killough tradition. Nothing fancy, and to the point.

Norma, Who Runs With the Wolves
(On the occasion of Norma’s 75th birthday)

She’s humble and gentle, and gives what you need
She looks for the road, where hearts take the lead
She prays and she ponders her way through this life
Does she know she brings healing when we share our strife?

Her list to the Goddess grows longer each day
Why do some have it hard? Why do some get their way?
She’s not looking to fight, she’s just struggling through
The waters of life that aren’t always blue

She’s hard on herself, she’s quick to take blame
She goes straight to jail in Parker Brothers’ game
She’s her own strict warden and never posts bail
Let’s take her to Park Place and burn down the jail!

She goes to the gym, she reads tons of books
She works in her garden, she leaves time to cook
She knows what has value, computers can wait
She runs with the wolves. We think she’s just great!

(And for Norma’s 90th….)

A stroke gives her challenge, but “tough” is this one
Who manages well, though this is no fun
Her spirit and mind are strong nonetheless
Her heart is wide open, she handles the stress

To Norma at 90, you rock and you’re cool!
You’re wise and you’re sassy, you’re nobody’s fool
We wish you more years with beauty and love
Moxie for hard times, peace from above.


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