Foundation Fridays: No Coin Toss Necessary

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Untours and its foundation are two sides of the same coin – even when I am out of the loop.

Earlier this year, we invested in Native Energy’s clean water project in Ghana. We like Native Energy for so many reasons including that it’s a pragmatic business dedicated to a healthy planet and owned in part by Native Americans. We like the effective and replicable design of its new water project.

It was only after signing contracts with Native Energy that I learned that the Untours carbon offset program — available through Native Energy to Untourists to counter carbon produced through traveling — is currently benefitting the same clean water project. We couldn’t have planned this better!

Here’s how carbon offsets work.

And here’s more on the Ghanaian project.

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” Jacques Yves Cousteau


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