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Foundation Fridays: Oldie, but Goodie

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on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 11:07
Untours Foundation founder Hal Taussig supported Greensgrow Farms, a Philadelphia urban garden

I recently stumbled upon Greensgrow: a lush and bustling urban garden that lives in a large city block in Philadelphia. It jumps out of its block. It’s somehow four-dimensional. The normal strips of grass by the curbs are instead planted with herbs, flowers, and more. I do believe that even non-gardeners would have to stop and catch the view and scent of this unexpected paradise.

Greensgrow was before my time at the foundation. Hal rescued this once struggling garden when he answered the call of its hard working visionary, Mary Corboy, who’s featured in this "TODAY Show" piece from 2007.  Greensgrow today is hardly recognizable from this 5-year-old footage. Mary is the CFH of Greensgrow: Chief Farm Hand!

Kudos to Hal for sharing Mary’s vision, which was long before urban gardening was the rage.

And here's to gardening guerillas, who keep surprising me some mornings by their typically late night planting activities. Talk about random acts of beauty -- and vegetables.

"Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it."  ~Author Unknown


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