Foundation Fridays: One That Got Away!

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We receive lots of requests for support at the foundation. Most requests just aren’t green enough or don’t generate employment among vulnerable populations.

And then there are those projects that we really do want to invest in, but they, too, don’t quite fit our model. One was a film called “Future Weather” by Jenny Deller. It’s a lovely coming of age film with an underlying theme of climate change.

The film was made without us, has won lots of awards (look at the bottom of the screen), and you can watch it online via Netflix, cable, or others. Roger Ebert gave the film four and half stars!

You’ll recognize some of the actors including Amy Madigan from “Field of Dreams” and “Places in the Heart”. What you won’t recognize is that the teacher’s house in the film is just a block from my home. That was a cheap thrill to return home late from a foundation board meeting to find my street lit up by lots of lighting trucks only to learn that it was for “Future Weather,” one that got away.

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” Audrey Hepburn


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