Foundation Fridays: The Power of One

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Dal LaMagna, CEO of our loan recipient, IceStone, traveled to Iraq and Jordan in 2006 to try to negotiate a cease-fire between Iraqi insurgents and the Coalition Forces – alone! I wrote about IceStone in the last Untours Eurozine, and my colleague, Ellen Peters, spotted Dal’s name and told me she heard his amazing diplomacy story on “This American Life”.

Dal apparently grew tired of lobbying his legislators to no avail, so decided to take on the challenge of ending the war himself. When asked why he thought he might be able to do this – a lone US citizen in a dangerous land – he responded that he’s an entrepreneur and therefore he’s used to making things happen. That he does. Dal founded and later sold multi-national company Tweezerman. We are pleased that IceStone is now in his hands.

Here’s Dal’s story on “This American Life”.  Dal has empowered me to think bigger!

PS – Ellen is our resident contribution to the Opera Company of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Singers. She’s a singer in this flash mob.

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” John F. Kennedy


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