Foundation Fridays: Is Three A Crowd?

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Apparently not! At least not when it comes to “crowdfunding,” which is the practice of funding a business or project by raising small amounts of money from large numbers of people. We think of it as a new idea, but the base for the Statue of Liberty is the result of crowdfunding, and I’m sure there are examples from across time.

Modern crowdfunding sets a financial goal and a period of time. If the goal is not met in that time, then no one puts in any money. It’s an all or nothing proposition.

Some of the businesses our foundation invests in have used crowdfunding, and one business we are considering for investment, Cora, is in its last 4 days and needs help meeting its crowdfunding goal. Tempted?! Take a look at the crowdfunding link.

Here’s a blog that my colleague, Shannon Davidson, wrote about Cora last month.

And, here’s an article – with quotes by someone you will recognize — that the Philadelphia Inquirer published about Cora.

Let me know if you sign up to help Cora!

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