Foundation Fridays: We're Still Cookin'

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ecozoom logoLast time, we introduced you to EcoZoom, makers of efficient cookstoves. Here’s an update from Amanda West, one of the company’s founders.

We just opened our second office in Nairobi, Kenya and are introducing a new cookstove there that we designed WITH cooks. Meet the Zoom Jet!

It’s a charcoal only cookstove that reduces fuel need by 60%, burns clean, stays cools to the touch, is easy to clean, and keeps its bright color over its 5-year life.EcoZoom Zoom Jet cookstove

We piloted prototype stoves in Kenya and five other countries for over a year and gathered feedback about what cooks liked and didn’t like it. Then we compiled all the data, figured out the biggest problems to solve and went back to the cooks to ask for help solving them.

Pictured above is our industrial designer, Diana Sierra, working on product improvements with one of our pilot cooks in Kibera – Nairobi’s largest slum.

The results of this process and response we’ve gotten in the market blew us away. This stove is truly an aspirational product and we’ve presold over 2,000 of them in just a few weeks. Stay tuned as we blanket Nairobi with the Zoom Jet and improve cooking all over the city.

“If God had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.” Linda Henley

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