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Untours is good to its employees. This is something we are proud of and something that we know allows us to offer better service to our customers. Our regular B Corp re-certification process verifies our commitment to treating employees well. When we say it, we can verify it. 
Current staff members have worked here for 15 – 25 years, enjoying an average 4 weeks of paid vacation a year plus paid sick time, holidays, and personal days. That may occasionally be inconvenient when you call and cannot get the person you wish to speak with. But you can always find another seasoned staffer to answer your questions!
Our staff travels to Europe regularly. This is something that not only allows us to maintain and improve the quality of our programs, but it also gives us deep knowledge of other countries that helps us help customers and enriches us as people. It certainly adds to job satisfaction!
Here are some other employee policies that make us proud:                                          
  • The majority of workers are full time and receive health benefits; Untours pays 100%.
  • The highest paid employee makes less than 5x the lowest paid full-time employee.
  • Untours’ lowest paid employee is paid a living wage.
  • Full time employees are offered dental coverage, short term disability, life insurance, and health insurance for spouses and domestic partners.
  • Employees enjoy a wellness reimbursement that subsidizes gym memberships, yoga and dance classes, and other activities that contribute to health and wellbeing.
  • The company offers a 401K policy to employees and gives a partial match for employee contributions when profits allow it.
  • Work-life balance is valued, and employees are given freedom to work flexible hours and from home as needed.
  • Employees have an annual evaluation and are able to look at their career objectives and evaluate company leadership.
  • Untours offers partial reimbursement for job-related education, language, and skill development, encouraging staff to build skills.
  • Untours offers 30 days paid maternity leave and 11 days paid paternity leave to full time employees who have worked for 1+ years.
  • Untours honors FMLA, though its staff size does not require it.
  • A financial adoption benefit is offered to employees.

“You have to take care of your staff,” says Untours president Brian Taussig-Lux. “To attract and retain the best people, you must treat them well. Investing in training and travel is a good way to keep people stimulated, informed, and happy. And that energy filters down into everything they do.”
Read more about our B Corp certification here. And read about our other commitments to pursuing public good in our annual benefit report.

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