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Hal’s Giving Club: Help Us Build a Better Future

Untours Foundation

September 14, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

Hal Taussig founded UnTours back in 1975, long before the peer economy or the internet. His tour company created a new way to travel, and he built a business that supported local economies in his host communities in Europe while promoting a low-impact travel model that connected Americans with new cultures and ideas.

Hal ran UnTours with attention to the environment, was focused on treating his customers and employees well, and fostered relationships with staff and host communities abroad. When the profits came in, he started the UnTours Foundation. His idea was to use his UnTours profits to help seed new businesses like his, businesses that served the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

The UnTours Foundation grew over time and brought capital into marginalized neighborhoods and backed entrepreneurs of color, creating jobs and investment in underserved communities. The UnTours Foundation owns UnTours and runs on its profits and on donations.

We have created Hal’s Giving Club to help keep up the momentum of the UnTours Foundation in the wake of COVID and a year and a half without travel, or UnTours travel profits. Hal’s Club is a monthly giving program that allows you support the work of the foundation on an ongoing basis, securing Hal’s vision for the future.

Membership at all levels includes perks. Higher monthly donors will even enjoy discounts on UnTours travel. Join Hal’s Giving Club today!