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A while back we had a great Untours Cafe discussion about books set in Untour locations. Here were some of your observations:

  • “Reading books prior to a trip is a must for us. Jay tends to read non-fiction of the country…history, current political scene, statistics. Patricia tends to read either personal memoirs of present or past residents of the country or fictional works set in the country. Needless to say, when we talk of our reading we are able to flesh out what the other has learned. It is a great way for us to get into the “spirit” of our future destination.” Patricia and Jay Edie
  • “When we went to South Tuscany I bought “Vanilla Beans and Brodo” by Isabella Dusi after we arrived….couldn’t find it at home! It’s a social/historical/memoir about Montecino and her life there. We were staying at Le Chiuse just down the hill….what a great read about the town…it added so much to our visit there.” ellieh

That Untours Cafe discussion was the seed of a great reading list for Untourists. Here are a few of the books recommended:

  • Ferenc Mate: ‘The Hills of Tuscany’ and his latest ‘A Vineyard in Tuscany’. His true life adventures make me laugh, make me cry, make me want to be there.
  • “‘La Divorce’ by Diane Johnson is a fun and insightful account of an American ex-pat and her family and a French family – all of whom are in love in and with Paris.”

Please give us YOUR suggestion of a great travel book by filling out the form below.   You’ll be helping build a great  newly expanded reading list that can make everyone’s travel even richer. We’ll be including your comments about your recommended book in the reviews of books we post here and on the reading list we post on the Untours website.  That way, when you’re headed off on a trip, you can check to see what other Untourists recommend.

My Favorite Travel Book

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We ask your name and and email address so we can contact you with any questions and so we can send you a link to the reading list once we compile it.)

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