Hopper: A new tool to save you hundreds on airfare

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If I could travel more often, I would be thrilled. And, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who feels that way.

I should just get up and go, right? Well, there’s work, of course. There’s being a husband, and trying to be a good one, at that. And, last but not least, there’s being a papa to a nearly three year old daughter and her nearly-born sibling. So, finding the time to go is a bit challenging right now and, since I only get so many paid vacation days a year, money quickly becomes the antagonist to my “get up and go” hero.

Recently, though, through some back channels (i.e. my boss and a little daily called the New York Times), I came across a website called Hopper, which may just make traveling easier on my wallet and daily planner.

Hopper collects some very in-depth travel data to help figure out round-trip pricing from your city to some of the more popular destinations out there, shown in the flight price map below.

You can also find out things like the best days to buy and fly, which airlines offer the most nonstop routes, the cheapest/most expensive routes from your airport and on and on. It’s quite a comprehensive list of reports and tools at your disposal.

In addition to helpful maps, graphs and tables, Hopper has put together some excellent reports, like How to Save Over $500 on Flights to Europe this Summer and LA to Scandinavia for Under $500 Round-trip.

Before you book your amazing European vacation (ahem, an Untour, hint hint), check out Hopper to save on your airfare and, hopefully, make it all easier to understand.

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