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I don’t know much about whisky. 
At a tasting at a tiny Speyside distillery in the north of Scotland, I was glad I didn’t have to report on lingering sherry notes or hints of burnt licorice. The smoky peat flavors were about all my unsophisticated palate could detect. Though the tour did leave me with impressions of another kind.
Unlike their corporate competitors, this family-owned business does not use modern technology to achieve the exact same flavor barrel after barrel. They defer to their expert distillers, rather than silicon chips, to make the decisions. Consistency is not the point; allowing for variation is fine as long as the quality meets their exacting standards. Their craftwork has won them a loyal customer base and raves from critics.
Here at Untours, we also believe in running our business on a human scale. We know our European staff and apartment partners as people, not just as dime-sized internet photos. 
Our expert US staff shares their knowledge by phone, not just on our website. 
Our on-site staff are professionals with long experience and appreciation for our smart, inquisitive Untourists. They are also fascinating people with deep local roots and unique points of view. 
Many of our apartments reflect their owners’ eclectic tastes while others are smart and streamlined. We offer a variety of high-quality options. No two are alike, but they all live up to our standards of comfort, character, and location.
A human company also listens to its customers:.
  • In 2018, we’re adding an Untour in the Scottish Highlands, a perfect complement to our very popular Central Scotland Untour
  • We’re introducing Vienna Uncovered, to pair you with experts in local history, the arts, and politics for a memorable and very personal journey deep into the culture of the city.
You don’t need to know the history to be drawn deeper into Vienna. And you do not need to know whisky to enjoy the people you meet on the Whisky Trail in the Scottish Highlands
All you need is some curiosity and a desire to connect with others. as we enjoy connecting with you to make these and other trips happen! 
Look for our catalog, arriving in mailboxes in the next few weeks. Check out our website for 2018 info. Or spend some time with us here on the blog.

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