Jerry's Holland: The Textures of the Netherlands

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Untourists Jerry and Deena Koffler have traveled with us at least 18 times, sometimes taking more than one trip per year. They are worldly, curious, and up for adventures, whether they find themselves combining Untours regions in a sampler or sailing off on far-flung adventures on an Untours Venture.

They recently shared their photos of Holland with us. This is the first is a series of photos I will share from Jerry’s archive of travel photography, his impressions from his Dutch Untour in Leiden.

When traveling, Jerry likes to capture a place through its textures. Even cliches like clogs take on a unique beauty in front of his lens.

The canal front houses are ubiquitous in Holland, with streetscapes like these a common and beautiful sight.

What could be more Dutch than this combination of potted flowers and bicycle, two essential elements of life in the Netherlands?

Holland is lesser known for its innovative architecture, but Jerry captured these playful cube houses on a day trip to Rotterdam.

Best of all, Jerry and Deena visited Holland during tulip time! He captured the blooming fields of flowers (top) and the lush gardens of the Keukenhof at their peak.

Fields of bike parking are even more common, and always in season, as the Dutch are intrepid cyclists and will bike in all weather.

And of course the cheese. Gouda is one of Holland’s most popular exports. Jerry and Deena attended a local cheese festival during their travels.

Spring is prime time, though there is never a bad time to visit Leiden, with its central location, charming market, and easy train access to the whole of Holland. See you on a Dutch Untour!

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