Jerry's Italy: The Lovely and Delicious Amalfi Coast

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Jerry and Deena Koffler have traveled with Untours at least 18 times, taking more than one trip in some years. Whether they find themselves Untouring in Italy or cruising on an Untours Venture, the Kofflers always have a good time and eat well.

As they love good food and scenery, it is no surprise they fell in love with the Amalfi Coast. Here Jerry has captures some of their favorite sights, impressions, and tastes of the Amalfi Coast and Naples. The Kofflers have traveled to Italy many times, but Amalfi stood out. Check out Jerry’s gorgeous and evocative images!

Frutti di mare is a staple on menus in the Amalfi Coast, as seafood is so plentiful. Look for seafood salad as a very common and delicious antipasto (appetizer). The southern Italian cuisine is rich with tomatoes and vegetables as well.

St. Andrew is the patron saint of Amalfi, and the town’s majestic duomo, Sant’Andrea, pays a worthy tribute. In Amalfi’s cathedral crypt, you will find relics of St. Andrew. The building is a Romanesque marvel.

Beaches like this in Amalfi and all along the coast are perfectly ordered, with rentable spots that include a chaise lounge and umbrella. There are plenty of other things to do in this region, but a day at the beach can be tempting.

In Amalfi, Atrani, and other towns along the coast you will find little grocery shops like this one, corner store delis with local delicacies and easy prepared and take out options for snacks, picnics, or dinner on your Untours apartment terrace.

The sea is surprisingly clean, the setting surprisingly wild, and the beaches surprisingly pristine for the level of tourism and traffic this stretch of coast sees in summer high season. It is hard to explain just how beautiful the natural setting here is.

Pompeii is a reasonably easy day trip from Amalfi, taken by way of bus (Amalfi to Sorrento) and train (Sorrento to Pompeii Scavi). It is a long and worthwhile day. Do budget enough time to do it justice, as it demands several hours.

Don’t overlook Naples! Though you can find the Neapolitan-style thin crust pizza all over the region. It tastes best in Naples. Some say it is the volcanic water. Either way, a margherita is the best order, the simplest and purest form of pizza there is.

Climbing up into towns like Atrani and Ravello provides some of the most dramatic views. But all along the coast you will catch vistas like these and have to stop to catch your breath, and marvel at the big blue sky and ocean.

See you in Amalfi!


  1. One of my favorite Untours! Thanks for the beautiful pictures! We had the best place to stay in Atrani with 90 steps to get to the apartment- but what a view at breakfast!

  2. Wonderful! We’ve been there and you captured the essence of the region. One can’t explain the blueness of the ocean. Brings back fond memories.

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