London Untour Report: The Bonins

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Happy Untourists in London

Linda and Charles Bonin recently joined us on the London Untour. They are regular Untours travelers and were delighted to discover London on an Untour. Here’s their review of the experience, along with a couple of their photo entries for the Untours photo contest.

Great people, great help. The airport meeting was waiting for us. Our great driver took us directly to our door. Orientation was excellent. Our on-site staff was excellent, taking us on a tour of a historical London setting (the Temple Church and Hall) which included lunch. We were thrilled and enjoyed it all.

Leinster Untours apartment in London

The apartment (the Leinster apartment, photographed above) was large, well furnished, delightfully furnished and thoroughly enjoyable. We especially enjoyed the lovely, fragrant flowers. The host greeted us and gave an extensive tour of the apartment.

We love the sense of security, comfort knowing we are in a foreign country yet we have “caretakers” at our beck and call. Being “old” and not speaking the language causes one to feel a bit vulnerable, but with Untours support, we feel brave wherever we are. 😋 Thank you.

Happy Untourists in London

WE LOVE UNTOURS! Cannot say enough glowing things about it. We have done 7 or 8 Untours and plan on doing as many as our time on earth allows.

Check out the London Untour for yourself and consider staying in the Leinster apartment!

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