Lungern has our favorite restaurant in the Swiss Heartland

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As I mentioned in a post last week, staying in the Swiss Heartland offers plenty of things to see, do and explore. If you happen to stay in Lungern, as I had the privilege of doing last September, you’ll notice (before you even get there) the startlingly gorgeous blue Lake Lungern. For me, this lake’s hue has only one peer, and that is the electric blue of Capri’s Blue Grotto. I had the good fortune of being on Capri on a day where the sea was calm and I was allowed to sneak my way into the Grotto. At the time, I thought I’d never see another body of water that would take my breath away like the Grotto had. And, I was right, until I saw Lake Lungern.

Meanwhile, in Lungern…

After arriving in town, most likely via the amazing Swiss rail system, and after you’ve settled in and done some hiking/walking/exploring, you’ll need a place to feast. One of our favorite restaurants in Lunger is Restaurant Bahnhöfli. A family run business since 1898, Bahnhöfli has some great house specials: table pizza (make your own pizza at your table!), stuffed chicken breast (with dates and figs!) and, one of our favorites, Älplermagronen (a traditional dish served in a copper pot).

In addition to serving up some delicious Swiss food, Restaurant Bahnhöfli also gives you a great bang for your buck by offering half-portions for lunch, dinner & dessert. Appropriate for a quick meal or a special occasion, Bahnhöfli offers great food with indoor/outdoor seating at an idyllic location.


What restaurant do you recommend in the Swiss Heartland?

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