Meet Ellen Peters, Professional Voice and Untours Accounting Diva

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Ellen Peters has been part of the Untours family for 17 years, working in our US office. If you have called the office you may have spoken with her, but only briefly as she passed your call. Ellen is our accounting director, so when all goes well, our guests never talk to her. Yet our enterprise could not run without her.
In her time at Untours, Ellen has managed personnel, overseen our office affairs, balanced our books, initiated our worm composting, and even helped start our Alsace Untour many years ago. Here are some of Ellen’s favorites. We hope they are useful!
My Favorite Travel Accessory
Howard Leight’s “Leight Sleepers” earplugs are the best I’ve ever used. I always pack them.
Places I’ve Lived
Washington Crossing, NJ; Poughkeepsie, NY; Boston, MA; Kennebunk, ME; Swarthmore, PA; Media, PA; Milan, Italy; West Chester, PA
My Favorite Untours
Alsace in France is very near my heart.
I enjoyed visiting the Castle Untour in Bavaria with my sister and her family.
Tuscany will always be one of my favorites.
My Favorite Place You’ve Never Heard Of
If you’re in Philadelphia, take a boat ride down the Schuylkill River to Bartram’s Gardens. America’s oldest living botanical garden, built by a buddy of Ben Franklin’s in 1728.
My Favorite Few Places I’ve Visited
Höllentalklamm Gorge in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
The Spiegeltent at the SummerScape Festival at Bard College, NY
The beach near Grosseto, Italy. Shady pine trees beside the Mediterranean Sea.
The Opera House in Oslo, Norway
Mitsitam Cafe at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC
The Globe Theatre in London
Bicycling around Ward’s Island off of Toronto, Canada
My Favorite Food I’ve Discovered Abroad
I learned how to make fresh gnocchi from a chef in Spoleto, Italy.
My Secret Talent
In my spare time, I sing in professional choruses. I’ve performed with the Philadelphia Singers, The Crossing, Mendelssohn Club, and I’m often in the chorus for the Philadelphia Opera Company. I also sang backup for the Rolling Stones once. And I can juggle for about 5 seconds!
Languages I Speak
I have studied German, French, and Italian (all good opera languages).
My #1 Piece of Travel Advice
I like to create a shared google document with my travel companions where we paste all of our reservation information and other important details. Then I make sure that the document is available to view offline on my phone.
Worked in Travel Since
Read more about Ellen here or meet the rest of the Untours team on our Untours staff page. We all love to travel, know a lot about travel, and are eager to share our knowledge with you.

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