Meet Françoise, Your New Best Friend in Paris

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“I enjoy meeting people, especially foreigners,” explains Françoise Guilledroit, our new local staff person for the Paris Untour. Having lived and traveled abroad, she understands their perspective well.

Françoise was born in northern France and currently resides in Paris with her husband, who is an art specialist working in Paris and Brussels. Her daughters, both in their 20s, live in the UK. She enjoyed traveling at that age as well.

“From a young age I was fascinated by foreign languages and cultures and had the opportunity in 1975 to live one year abroad, in a lovely family in Long Grove, Illinois as a foreign exchange student. Since that time, we still maintain close contact.”

She returned to Paris, where she graduated in 1978 with a Tourism BTS. From there Françoise decided to study abroad so she could learn a third language, Portuguese.

“Planning to stay 3 months in São Paulo, Brazil, in fact, I kept living there for 10 years rich in experiences.” She worked for the airlines and spent her 20s in Brazil. “Just before turning 30, I had the opportunity to move back to Paris, being transferred from Pan Am in São Paulo to Paris.”

Françoise has worked in travel effectively her whole life, serving in various capacities for the airlines and later as a host and concierge in Paris.

“After more than 30 years in the travel industry, enjoying the diversity of my responsibilities with U.S. Airlines ending with Air France-KLM, I decided to move on to work hosting international visitors in Paris.”

She describes her transition from airline work to client work on the ground in Paris as a good one. “I stay focused on making their stay the most pleasant, smooth and unforgettable for them, providing them with all information and services they need.”

Her work with Untours leaves time for her to pursue other passions and interests.

“I appreciate this new independent lifestyle, offering free time for cultural activities and exhibitions that Paris offers. I enjoy taking an interesting Art Contemporary class at the Louvre, and I find enough free time to go to many exhibitions, read, listen to music, meet people, and maintain great friend relationships.”

Françoise also works out at the gym twice a week, which she considers a very important part of her routine.

Asked what makes her perfect to work with Untourists in Paris, Françoise replies, “I am enthusiastic, open to others, reliable, punctual, and flexible.”

She is excited to offer support to Untourists visiting Paris, to handle the logistics and offer practical help so that they can discover the best of her city.

“I like Sabrina Bryan’s quote: You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”

Meet Françoise on the Paris Untour.

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