Meet Hundertwasser's Whimsical Vienna

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There are so many reasons to love the arts and architecture in Vienna! The city has had a reputation for interesting architecture since the completion of the Ring in 1865. 
The Hundertwasser House is a great place to start! Innovative Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser has enraged and delighted an equal number of Viennese with the city-subsidized construction of a low-income apartment complex on the corner of Löwengasse and Kegelgasse. 
His building (photographed above) was completed in 1985. It was designed to bring city dwellers closer to nature. The trees sprouting from the balconies and roof are combined with gilded onion towers in a delightfully whimsical style. The architect wasn’t able to realize all of his ecological ideas in this house, since the city didn’t allow his humus toilets! Read more about this remarkable building here.
If you like Hundertwasser, you will enjoy KunstHaus Wien’s extensive exhibition of his works. If you get the funny feeling that you are seeing a controlled view of the artist’s life and work, it’s because you are! 
This museum (Untere Weißgerberstraße 13), the artist’s equivalent of an autobiography, was designed and built by Hundertwasser himself. In all fairness to the idealistic artist, he does exhibit the work of other artists on the top floor. 
The museum is located on Weissgerber Lände, about ten minutes away from the Hundertwasser House. Follow the signs through the Hundertwasser Village, past the Hundertwasser-designed shopping mall. Avoid the mall if you want to retain your view of the artist as a non-commercial idealist. Visit for more info.
Tip: Tickets on Monday are half-price. The ground-floor museum cafe, with its uneven floors, is a delightful experience.
Join us on a Vienna Untour to explore Hundertwasser’s creations at your leisure, or plan a Vienna Uncovered trip and learn more about the city’s art and history with the guidance of local experts.

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