Monday Memories: Beach belly

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This week’s Monday Memory is from our very own Elizabeth Killough, Untours Foundation manager.

Traveling may be dangerous to your figure or self esteem.

At not quite 4 years old, I was in Sorrento, Maine, with my family at the town dock. We were visiting relatives and delivering a boat to them that my dad had built—and which, once built, was too big to get out of my parents’ basement. But that’s another story.

At the town dock, I took note of a woman in a two-piece bathing suit, who had an hour glass figure. In that moment, I learned I had a belly. So, I sucked it in for much of that day and many days thereafter. My father captured me in this photo trying to figure out just how to hold the belly in while simultaneously breathing. Life is complicated!

Oh, how early we get the message that we aren’t good enough. But, I have to say that I remember that encounter clearly, and it has helped my posture to this day!

Thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her unforgettable memory!

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