Monday Memories: First Feather Down, Last Feather Down

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Happy Untours memories

This week’s installment is our first from Untourists! Get a glimpse of this memory from Eleanor and Bill Kover.

Vienna, Austria. July 24, 1973.

It was our first trip to Europe, part of a two week “Freelance” tour that included London, Vienna, Rome and Paris. You had the choice of taking a bus tour of each city or going it on your own. It just took one bus ride to convince us that we are Untours people at heart.

Once in our room at the Savoy Hotel, Lindengasse 12, we were shocked at the flimsy blankets on our hotel room beds. Apparently in our entire lives (28, 29 years) we had never encountered a feather down quilt. Once we realized how light and warm the feather quilts were, we fell in love with them.

So the next day’s itinerary included shopping for feather down quilts. One of the stores had two twin size ones which totaled $80 (US dollars), exactly what we had on us in Austrian Schillings. When the shipping cost was added, we realized that we didn’t have enough money on us.

We asked the very nice saleslady if she could hold the quilts until we had a chance to cash some travelers checks at a nearby bank. The saleslady told us that it was not necessary. They would waive the additional shipping costs. We never forgot that kind gesture.

This winter, 40 years later, two Vienna feather down quilts are among the blankets that keep us warm each night. Side-by-side the two quilts cover our queen size bed.  That experience was one of the highlights of the trip.

Thanks to Eleanor and Bill for sharing their wonderful memory!

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