Monday Memories: Lost and Found in Andalusia

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Happy Untours memories

This week’s Monday Memory is from Untourist Laura Morris.

We did a two-week Untour in Andalusia in May 2013 with two friends. It was wonderful. We stayed with Maria in a marvelous 4-bedroom house in the middle of an olive grove outside Fuente Tojar.

We didn't get lost when Maria was showing us around Priego de Cordoba!The one mistake we made was thinking we would be able to drive a manual transmission car. While the highways were great, we never learned how to navigate the narrow streets in towns and ultimately traded in for an automatic for the second week.

On our first unescorted trip to Priego de Cordoba, we made a turn in the wrong direction on our return from the grocery store and quickly found ourselves on a very narrow twisting street where it was impossible to back up and we were afraid to go any further.

As we sat in the car pondering how to extricate ourselves, Rose-Marie spotted a woman walking toward us that had helped her weigh our vegetables in the grocery and knew she spoke English.

She was happy to practice her English with an exam coming up in early June. She went home and got her husband to come help us. He moved his car out of the garage and parked down the hill and was able to back our car into his garage, from which he could turn the car into the direction we needed to go.

Several people came out on their balconies to offer advice. He drove us to a street where we could get back on a roadway we could navigate. What could have been a disaster turned into a fun time and was the highlight of our trip.

Thanks to Laura for sharing her wonderful memory!

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