Monday Memories: The Warm Gingerbread House

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Happy Untours memories

This week’s Monday Memory is from Untourists Vickie Kelber and George Wilhelm.

I have no idea who these two people are! Seriously, this is us in front of our first Untours apartment in Kaiserstuhl, Switzerland in 1991. We felt so fortunate to have found this apartment and Untours.

Our landlady and landlord, Sepp and Rosemarie Vogel, were the sweetest people we have ever met. An older couple, they kind of adopted us. Rosemarie spoke no English, but we communicated on a daily basis. She would often leave us treats that greeted us upon our return from a day’s outing. My favorite was warm gingerbread with whipped cream and pineapple!

I kept in touch with Rosemarie for years after that until Sepp passed away and she went to live in a “retirement” home.

Since then, we’ve been on many more Untours (I’ve lost count) and look forward to our next Untours adventure. It’s absolutely the BEST way to travel!

Thanks to Vickie and George for sharing their wonderful memory!

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