More than just Meringues in Meiringen: Adventure Awaits!

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The town of Meiringen, a beautiful traditional Swiss town near the famous Hasliberg Mountain, offers a taste of authentic Swiss living. The town’s main attraction is the Aareschlucht, a dramatic gorge formed during the last ice age that tourists can visit. The town is also home to a tiny Sherlock Holmes museum and the nearby Reichenbach Falls. As lovely as all of these attractions are, recent Untourists, the Popes, had their sights set higher.

Wynn and Carol Pope, returning Untourists, chose Swiss Heartland for their most recent adventure, staying in the Chalet Steingli. This comfortable, authentically Swiss Untours apartment is a flat, easy 7-10 minute walk from all of Meiringen’s stores, restaurants, banks, and transportation stations. The cable car station (leading to the majestic alpine heights of Hasliberg climbing to 13,000 feet) is only 5 minutes away from this central apartment, but that wasn’t high enough.


The Popes decided to take their Untour to the next level, paragliding over the Lauterbrunnen Valley. What is paragliding you may ask? It is a safer mix between para-sailing and hang-gliding where a wide parachute is harnessed to a person’s body in order to glide through the air. Carol said this was by far the highlight of their Swiss experience and it was so much fun to show the pictures to friends at home.

“We hope to get back to Switzerland for another Untour, including another paragliding adventure! And we would strongly recommend paragliding over the Lauterbrunnen Valley where we would do it again,” Carol tells us.

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