The Most Unforgettable 7 Minutes in Barcelona

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Photo by Jaume Meneses

Just to make sure we’re starting off on the right foot here, no, I’m not talking about that old high school party game, 7 Minutes in Heaven. However, the seven minutes I am referring to do have a bit of rarefied air about them.

If you’re in Barcelona and are looking for a different perspective on things, you have to take a ride on the city’s two cable cars: Teleférico del Puerto (aka Aeri del Port) and the Teleféric de Montjuïc.

First things first: you will most likely be scared at some point on these cable cars. Whether it’s the initial take-off, the aged look of the towers and cars or just the fact that you’re dangling hundreds of feet in the air, your fear will quickly pass once you realize the magnificence of what you’re seeing from way up there.

Designed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition (but not finished until 1931), the Teleférico del Puerto takes you on a 7-minute ride from Torre Sant Sebastià to Torre Jaume and finishes at Montjuïc. Along the way, you’ll get some great views of the Columbus Monument, the busy Port Vell, and the beaches of Barceloneta.

Once you make it up to Montjuïc, take the Teleféric de Montjuïc to the top of the city and check out the historic Castell de Montjuïc or swing by the gorgeous Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

While these rides may be a bit touristy and somewhat overpriced ($18 roundtrip), they’re a great adventure nonetheless and worth the potential wait in line for the breathtaking views of the city.


What’s your favorite way to explore Barcelona?

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