Mountains and Music: Q & A with our Salzburg staffer, Vera

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The hills are alive, with the sound of music! You’ve seen the movie, but do you know about the lovely city of Salzburg that the film took place in? Firstly, most locals aren’t wearing clothing made from curtains, but there is an amazing presence of history, art, music, and nature. It’s a smaller city that allows Untourists to take it in piece by piece, without being overwhelming. Curious to learn more about this Untours location? We talked with our local guide, Vera, about why Salzburg is fantastic and what Untourists can look forward to seeing and experiencing! (She’s the one on the right in the photo above, wearing pink.)

What do you love about living in Salzburg?

I love the combination of history, art, music, and nature. It’s a small city that offers a lot, such as an international community and lots of healthy food. 

What is something people don’t know about Salzburg?

Many don’t know that Salzburg was an independent Prince-Bishopric until 1816. The first Austrians immigrating in Georgia in 1733 had been Protestants from Salzburg on their search for freedom. Salzburg’s significance grew as the summer residence of the Austrian high society after WWI. As a matter of fact, it is still mostly appreciated for the beauty of its nature.

Where are the top places Untourists should explore in Salzburg?

The Baroque Architecture of Salzburg City, the Lake District, the Ice Caves, one of our many castles, and the historical salt mines.  

What are you most excited to share with the Salzburg Untourists?

The mountains and music!

Aside from sightseeing, what experiences should Americans seek in Salzburg?

Americans should certainly relax, hike a remote trail, head to one of our many live concerts, and enjoy the good local food.

What are some of Americans’ misconceptions regarding Salzburg and Austrians in general?

Austria and Salzburg share a long, complex history, which is related to but still difference from German history. There is also a real difference between urban and rural life. 

What do Americans typically love about Salzburg?

The little country towns, the food, the scenery, and connecting with locals. 

What surprises Americans about Salzburg?

Americans are typically surprised by how much there is to see in a small area, how friendly the locals are, and how easy public transportation is. There is a rich history of several cultures that merge in Austria, which is something you can’t truly understand until you experience it yourself!

Why should people book a Salzburg Untour? What is the advantage of seeing the area this way?

Public transportation gets you almost everywhere (and your Untours package includes a local transport pass), additionally you truly get to live among the locals. Untours makes it easy to choose your own trips and activities, while giving you a lot of educated and well-researched options.

Any final advice for people looking to visit Salzburg?

Bring a raincoat, a warm sweater, sturdy shoes, and a bathing suit. (Yes, be ready for all weather!). 

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