Nomming in the Netherlands: Photo Blog of Alice and James in Holland

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Two-time Untourists, James and Alice Wootton have been generous enough to share their photos and stories from their recent Untour in the Netherlands. While Italy, Greece and France have reputations for some of the best food in Europe, often times the Netherlands is overlooked. Well look no further to see proof that there is good eating here! 

James standing outside his Untours apartment in Leiden. Check out where they stayed here! 

Right on the canal, Cafe Van Engelen made for the perfect bite to eat before exploring Leiden.

The Berlin Forever sandwich at Cafe van Engelen was superb! 

“Our Untours host took us to V&D La Place for a lovely pick-me-up coffee and pastry so that could get acquainted. Jim got a strawberry cream tart, and I got a Dutch treat called Appelbollen!”

“After our walk about town, Untours treated us to lunch at Oudt Leyden ‘T Pannekoekenhuysje (Old Leiden Pancake House) and it was there that we had orientation. We learned about the bus/trains, got help exchanging moeny, and other great tips. My lunch consisted of a warm goat cheese salad with balsamic glaze and a bowl of mustard soup, which was fantastic!”

A tuna, capers, and red onion pizza at Da Portare Via Lange Niezel was the perfect lunch bite the next day before more Leiden adventures. 

Of course the Woottons tried Bitterballen, a traditional Dutch meat-based snack. A must-eat on any Dutch vacation!

This ginger, cheese Dutch pancake was 15 inches in diameter, but Jim Wootton enjoyed every bite with his Untour host. After orientation the Woottons headed out to explore Amsterdam. 

The Woottons then enjoyed traditional Viennese chocolate cake, Sachertorte. Despite being in Holland, they had access to a variety of European cuisines! 

Breakfast of champions for James and Alice… especially since they’ve been walking over 12,000 steps daily! While the Woottons opted to walk around most of their Untour, bikes are plentiful in Holland. 

Here is James talking with his Untour host…. probably about what great Dutch food to try next! 

James chowing down on the famous Dutch pickled herring. Who knew there were so many great traditional Dutch foods?!

Is it lunchtime again? Chickpea salad, smoked salmon, shrimp-citrus salad, and the traditional mustard soup. 

Tea time along the canal for Alice. How European! 

“You see why it was hard to choose? And this was the pastry side of the shop…. the other side had candies!”

“Goodbye, Netherlands! We’ve had a great time getting to know a little of you and your lovely people (and your food of course).”

Hungry for more? Check out the Leiden, Holland Untours and even stay in the same outstanding apartment, the Frans Hals, as the Woottons did! 




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