Our 10 Favorite London Neighborhoods

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London neighborhood guide
Each neighborhood in London boasts its own unique personality and attractions. Being the largest city in Europe, London has many boroughs, but we’ve narrowed down our top 10 favourite London neighborhoods here.

Covent Garden

A popular center for street performers and souvenir shops, Covent Garden is full of theaters and pubs. In the center of London, this area is known for daytime shopping and nighttime shows. This neighborhood is roughly a 15-minute walk from the London Eye and an 8-minute stroll to the National Portrait Gallery.


Walking distance from Covent Garden, Soho is its edgy, artsy cousin. Full of trendy boutiques and cool coffee shops, this neighborhood buzzes at night with small bars and lots of live music. Home to London’s tiny Chinatown and London’s red-light roots.


Hugging the famous Hyde Park and boasting museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum, and the National History Museum, Kensington is one of the most highly cultured areas in the city. Kensington High Street is lined with all the top European clothing brands, but this neighborhood also is home to some of the finest and most elegant dining in London.


One of the most highly photographed spots in London, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament rest on the River Thames along the outline of this neighborhood. Home to the Queen, Buckingham Palace also resides here. To those who aren’t royalty nor tourists, this neighborhood serves as the home to many offices and political parties, so don’t be surprised when half the pedestrians are sporting suits.


Argued to be one of the most stylish neighborhoods in London by the Huffington Post, Shoreditch is famous for its nightlife and variety of food options. In the heart of Shoreditch is Spitalfield Market (one of the few markets in London which is mostly indoors), which offers an opportunity to buy art, music, and clothing from local artisans.


Home to one of our favorite London attractions, the British Museum, Bloomsbury is largely made up of the London School of Economics. This university is world renowned for its work and facilities, but it also means that this neighborhood offers affordable eats and during semester time, is full of students rushing to and from classes. At the edge of Bloomsbury is the British Library, which holds every title ever published in the United Kingdom.

Notting Hill

Well portrayed in the Julia Roberts movie, Notting Hill is made up of colorful townhouses and tiny boutiques and cafes. Ripe for walking through the Notting Hill/Portobello Market, this neighborhood is especially bustling Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


A safe distance away from many of the tourist attractions London offers, Clapham is still fairly central but has an English village vibe. If looking for a more live-like-a-local experience, Clapham being full of green spaces, cafes and family-friendly restaurants is welcoming and still well connected to the rest of the city.


Another neighborhood with a village-like feeling, Fulham is a family-friendly neighborhood with goods eats. If you’re a soccer fan, be sure to check the Fulham Football Club schedule and attend a game.

Camden Town

This north London neighborhood comes baring tattoos and studs. Despite its edgy exterior, Camden houses some of the best (and most affordable) street food and small restaurants. A major tourist (and even local) draw here is the Camden Market. Like Notting Hill Market’s rebellious twin sister, Camden Market has an eclectic collection of stalls and vendors.


Tucked next to Kensington and Hyde Park, Knightsbridge is the definition of posh in London. Home to the world-famous department store Harrods, designers and their high-end clients flock here dressed to the nines.

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