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I feel lucky to work with a small but dedicated crew of globalists. Our staff is worldly, broad minded, and very well traveled. They’ve elevated my thinking, stoked my curiosity about new parts of the globe, and helped me grow into a citizen of the world. I recently asked them a simple question: What’s your favorite Untour? Some of their answers surprised me. Below, read their responses, and my own two-part answer to what I actually found to be a very tough question.


Sonia (Specialist, France, Spain, the Americas): Since I haven’t actually “done” any of our French Untours (I was there in the off-season), I feel that I can’t fairly compare them. So I choose Barcelona because it is such a vibrant, diverse city and there is something for everyone: World-famous art, modernista architecture, delicious cuisine, lots of history, friendly locals and even a beach! To top it off, the weather is usually fantastic and there are no worries of driving a car as the métro can take you anywhere you need.

(Sonia is photographed above, in a close encounter with Gaudi.)


Andi (Director, Italy and Istanbul Untours): Tuscany is my favorite Untour. It’s the original. There is a lot to see and do and fantastic scenery even when you do nothing at all. Of all our Italian Untours, it is the one I most enjoy.

Cathrin (Director, Greece, Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe Untours): The Greek Untour in Nafplio is one of my favorite Untours. It’s the perfect example of what our founder Hal Taussig had in mind when he came up with the Untour concept. The town is big enough to offer interesting museums and sights, a vibrant restaurant scene, lovely waterfront walks, two beaches and enchanting alleys, yet small enough to rub shoulders with the locals and to get to know your corner bakery staff. (Cathrin and her hubby Paul are pictured here, on a hike on the Peloponnese.)

Brian (Untours General Manager): Our Salzburg Untour in Austria is my favorite for its combination of mountain scenery, village life, and the cultural city of Salzburg.

Dodge (Director, France, Spain and the Americas Untours): Right now, though I’ve returned to Paris recently (and it is always a favorite), I’d say Barcelona. It’s an incredibly walkable city and there’s such a lively vibe going on there as of the last few years.

Andrea (Untours Communications Director): I have grown to love Rome over the years because its history is scattered throughout a vibrant, bustling city. I didn’t like Rome until I spent a full week there. Then I loved it. It needs time, and that is the point of an Untour, so I would say it is the perfect Untour spot. (See my selfie with husband Randy on the Spanish Steps, which is actually one of my least favorite spots in my favorite European city.)

For a countryside experience, I also love the Swiss Heartland. It was the first of our Untours I got to visit, almost 20 years ago! There is so much to love about it: the scenery, the trains, the people, even the view of the mountains from the window of the shower! It’s a special place.

Dee (Director, Switzerland and Holland Untours, Cruise and Air Specialist): I think I would choose Holland. I love Leiden. It is so walkable and has a little bit of everything: Great markets, nice museums, good restaurants, parks, and the atmosphere of a university town. As cities go, it is just the right size for me.  

From our Marketplace options, I would have to choose Cuba. Our People-to-People cruise there is fantastic! What an incredible country. The people are so warm, and the natural beauty, the music, the arts are all just amazing.

Ellen (Untours Accounting Director): After reminiscing about the six different Untours I’ve sampled, I can say that Alsace, France has come out on top. The architecture is charming, like a children’s fairytale. The varied landscape makes it difficult to get lost while exploring the vineyards, castles and flower-filled town squares. With the majestic Vosges mountains to the West and the graceful Rhine river to the east, I could visit that enchanting valley every year and be happier each time.

What’s your favorite Untour?

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