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Every now and then, I get a chance to take a look at a travel app out there. As I’m an iPhone guy, I typically experience most of my travel apps through my phone: AirBnb, TripTracker, Hipmunk, Google Field Trip (review upcoming on this).

It’s just so easy to find useful, easy-to-use apps to use right at my thumbtips.

Sometimes, though, what I’m looking for isn’t really there in the App Store and so I go searching online. That’s how I found Plnnr.

It’s a very cool web app that lets you build your own itinerary for your trips. Essentially, you select the city you’re headed to and pick your dates and duration, just like any other trip site or app. Then, you’re served up a few categories of various “Themes,” as it calls them: kid-friendly, outdoors, best of, etc. Once you pick your theme, then you finish up with how intense your sightseeing will be and how nice you want your hotels to be (but, as Untourists, hotels may not be your gig!).

The magic happens next.

Plnnr gives you a suggested itinerary, based on your input, with walk time from your recommended hotel, entry times at attractions (based on their actual open times), reviews of the sites and links to their official pages. In addition, this is all overlaid on a map so you can easily see where you’ll be going each day.

All of this can be easily edited to fit your tastes.

For you Untourists out there, this could be a great way for you to explore a new city from afar and to get an idea how easy it would be to get everywhere. While I’m sure you wouldn’t stick to a hard itinerary like this, it may be just a nice starting point in your planning.

As of today, there are 20 cities that Plnnr works in, with 6 of them being Untours destinations. Here’s a full list of them here.

As usual, any tech reviews done on this site are done solely with the intent to help Untourists have a better travel experience. We have not been compensated in any way in this review.

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