Provence in Pictures, an Untourist Report

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Untours Provence apartment stay

Wendell Rogers is a repeat Untourist who has joined us more than a half dozen times in Europe since 2011. He also happens to be a gifted photographer. He shared his images of Alsace from a recent trip, and here are more images of France. These come from his stay on the Provence Untour.

“We are constantly recommending Untours to anyone interested in travel,” he says. We hope you enjoy some of the colors, textures, and scenes Wendell brough back from his Provence Untour.

Even in fall, the cloisers of Southern France are colorful and verdent.

There is a sacred beauty to the small towns of Provence, reflected in its architecture and vistas.

Waterwheels are a distinct part of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in the heart of the Provence Untour.

Untours Provence apartment stay

The Wendells have traveled with us seven times, including Untours to the German Castle, Alsace, Ireland, the Amalfi Coast, Umbria, and multiple trips to Tuscany. They will travel there again this coming May, on a Tuscany-Florence Sampler. We’ll be waiting eagerly for the photos!

In late September the fields of Provence are golden, like the paintings of Van Gogh.

You can still find sunflowers in the market.

Avignon served as the seat of the pope from 1309 to 1377. It is a splendid day trip.

The countryside of Provence is dotted with hilltowns, vineyards, and pines.

Even in September, flower boxes are blooming in charming L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

The ancient Roman Pont du Gard is a must see for visitors to Provence, a popular day trip.

Untours Provence apartment stay

Markets all over the region offer a beautiful slice of life, and a window into the community.

We hope you can join us in Provence, to take in all its colors and history and everyday beauty, from small villages like L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to cities like Avignon and Marseilles. Plan your Provence Untour now.

Check out Wendell Roger’s images of Alsace, and you might want to book a Provence-Alsace Sampler.

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