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As our month-long Québec City coverage comes to a close (and we prepare for Switzerland in April!), I’m sure you’re tired of me blabbing on about Mad Men, poutine and funiculars (but, really, who could be tired of funiculars?!). And, since this is one of our newer Untours, I thought that sharing a few insights from other Untourists who have traveled to Québec City with us might liven things up a bit and help those who are on the fence to make the leap over. Please take a look at what some of our clients had to say about their Québec City Untour experiences.

“This was our first experience with Untours and it was most enjoyable. Our meeting with Guy Methot was a great way to start the week. His knowledge of the area was invaluable, enabling us to get out the first day and enjoy the city. He also took the time to explain transportation and location of shops that we would need to meet our day-to-day needs. We are already thinking of returning to Québec in the future.” 
Janet Daugherty

“Guy was VERY knowledgeable about the area and its history. He was a great guide.” 
Keith Anderson

“First of all, Québec City is simply a gorgeous city. We found the locals to be very friendly, easy-going and helpful. In the city, they easily switched to English to answer our questions (my husband has a smattering of high school French but it helped at times). The pace seemed slower than the bustle of some cities which was pleasant. We really loved our apartment because we sipped wine and played cards every evening. It felt homey and comfortable. Claude (landlord) provided some delicious wine, fruits, eggs, bread, cheese, bacon so that was great. He even brought more breakfast items later in the week.”
Carol Jordan

“Québec is a charming city and fun to wander around in. The people were wonderful — French style and Canadian friendliness. The apartment was amazing. Claude has worked very hard to make it comfortable in every way. I was struck by the care he has put into every detail of La Chapelière and his desire to help us in any way he could.”
Pamela Nesbit

We’re so lucky to have great Untourists like Janet, Keith, Carol and Pamela! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!


Do you have any Québec Untours stories you’d like to share?

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